Level – Oakridge Park


If you want a challenging trail map then try this one for size. It is nice in size and offers many many obtacles and terrain layout that wil keep you occupied for quite some hours.I could write down  a whole block of text but this is one map you need to try to judge for yourself.

Level Oakridgepark Latest Stable
Level Oakridgepark Latest Stable
26.8 MiB
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5 Responses to Level – Oakridge Park

  1. wheeler says:

    this map is up there with NW trails “great”

  2. twisted_xj says:

    fantastic map man,hope their are more like this

  3. billy says:

    how do I get this to go to my spintire game I downloaded it but don’t know how to get to the game

  4. RiskyWhiskey says:

    unzip open folder select files drag to your levels folder in media zip file

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