Level – NW Trails

Author: MoeRon

In desperate need for some trailing? Wanting to bust your truck trying to make that climb onto that ridge? Feel the need to crawl your way through a dense forest on a twisted bumpy road? Look no further and download this map. It’s the latest creation from MoeRon called NW Trails and it is a beauty of  a map. The seesaw right next to the garage area where you start the map.

NW Trails is now available for latest_stable. Download the zip, unpack and enjoy.
Map works in SP and MP if added to media folder without the classes folder (file order media/levels/NW Trails. To use as the proving map, rename level_proving.stg

* 22-10-15: Update map. Floating lamp post at start garage fixed and minor other fixes.

Update 18-2-16
Seesaw added again. Thanks to hoanns. Works in SP. MP not tested. But it looks great so here ya go.

Level NW Trails Latest Stable
Level NW Trails Latest Stable
level_NW Trails__latest_stable.7z
76.6 MiB


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