Level – Mt. Misery

Contains the following mods which have all been edited, except “Tattoos” HGear.
In various ways to get the full rock bouncing effect.—-

1) “RockBouncMap” by. DrGoNzO1489
2) “RealMod” by. PressureLine OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/real-mod/
3) “TreePhysicsv1.1” by. Bezzi OriginalFile: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/647-tree-physics/
4) “HGear” by. Tattoo OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/gearboxes/
5) “ScreaminBlue” by. Stetson OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/screamin-blue/
6) “Brute Boggers/Baja Tires” by.BruteTerror

Really good map package for just letting go and enjoy bouncing a truck around a map. Trucks have been set damage 0 which means you can even winch yourself upright when the truck is on its back. Excellent map for rock crawlers and bouncers.

Updated map. Log piles removed due to a change in the logs model.

Level MtMisery
Level MtMisery
14.1 MiB
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  1. wayne says:

    does this work with the new version. when i tried to play it tell me old version or miss files

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