Level – Motor

Author: Marshall
Source: vk.com

map includes: – 17 intelligence points. – 2 car garage. . – 2 refills – 1 felling manual loading. – 1 felling automatic loading. – 8 default machines, and 1 extra on the map as there are Easter eggs in the form of “Hammer and Sickle” on the wall is necessary to pass under this sign ahead.

Level Motornoe
Level Motornoe
138 MiB
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3 Responses to Level – Motor

  1. Jared says:

    I copy and pasted the dds and stg files and it said map broken or missing files

  2. t says:

    mapp is very nice allot of custom object is pretty hard and tricky but very fun

  3. xGROMx says:

    This is an amazing map! Its chalenging over difficult, some other maps are becoming just one long difficult trail as this map has switched it up and added new factors to the game makeing you use multiple truck to complete one chalenge. Great Multiplayer Map, will require lots of time.

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