Level – Logger

Author: Robbit
Source: Oovee

Text from author:
This map was made with the map editor released on steam.
There are a lot of roads and bridges as well as a river and some lakes.
I hope this is as enjoyable to others as it is to me.
It is the largest size allowed by the editor 32 x 32 which makes a 64 x 64 map.

The map features:
– 21 Balance Points
– 2 lumber yards
– 3 objectives
– 2 Garages (1 locked)
– 2 Fuel
– 14 Cloaks
– 17 Trucks (10 stock trucks, 7 (3 Different) trucks from the workshop)

– 1(SID 1975 Chevy K5 Blazer).
You can get it here: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=575292113

– 3 (<Bregels Garage> Toyota FJ40 6×6).
You can get from here: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=637217622

-3 ??? 5/Zis 5
You can get from here: http://steamcommunit…s/?id=646030960

Game Version: 03-03-16

Level Logger
Level Logger
level logger.7z
52.4 MiB
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9 Responses to Level – Logger

  1. aderdap says:

    Thanks, so it is nice

  2. Gerard says:

    Had great fun running at full speed around the trails with the Toyota jeep, had not used that one before.

    Loggging is easy, overall a little bland, but I like the quality everywhere and the ability to go off road and explore everywhere.


  3. Trucker says:

    How do I install map mods for the latest version?

  4. Davey_Boy says:

    the last custom truck (zis 5) the link doesn’t work and when i manually searched for it it doesn’t appear

  5. Ilkka says:

    This was a quite fun to play, plenty of trucks to choose from and quite easy to play trough. Took me about 4hours to finish.

  6. Carnaxus says:

    As someone who has been playing virtually nothing but this map since I downloaded it…the thumbnail for this map has been flipped vertically.

  7. Lm602 says:

    FINALLY a fun logging map that was challenging but not impossible. Started out with a fun, fast romp around the nice trails uncloaking. Then became very difficult once the logging started. I was using heavy trucks with chunky tires and that really tore up the once nice roads to a muddy mess. One really fun trip was with the oshkosh hauling a double long trailer load. Had to winch from tree to tree almost the whole way to an objective. Great map. I hope I find more like it.

    • Carnaxus says:

      Meanwhile the FJ40 6×6 that is default on the map (mod vehicle) can complete all three objectives without destroying any roads at all. GG.

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