level – Lesozavodsk

Author: Lobzukov Lech (EAST 25RUS)
Source: vk.com

(info from author) Map of average complexity and quite interesting. Created for the game in multiplayer: places, except comrade, you no help – no tree or stump. Yes, and perform all the tasks will not be easy, because on it 16 sawmills, 5 garages, 3 points of load and, in some places, there are areas with scattered through the logs. 4 starting the truck, all 16 cars on the map, and much more interesting. Card made for friends, they liked it, if you rolled and then continue to please you.

And i can tell ya this map is worth the download. So good to drive through it and discover new things around each corner.

Level Lesozavodsk
Level Lesozavodsk
274 MiB



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4 Responses to level – Lesozavodsk

  1. jean Fradette says:

    Yes really good map one of the best so far

    great challenge i love it

  2. Knottravesty says:

    Wow, put about 2 hours into this… unfortunately on a server with a friend, so no progress saved… But I love this map, it’s made for a great time…. And by all means if you have a full day to kill with a buddy or two, I’m sure it would take hours… But, overall, and amazing build…

  3. Cody says:

    Are there any tips to help you drive through deep mud? The reason why I’m asking is b/c it’s very hard to drive through the deep mud areas in the stream area islands in the northeast of the map.

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