Level – KS Rox

Author: Tregor
Source: Oovee

Trail map with a good terrain layout. Could use some more custom objects to spice it up a little but basicly this is just a good trail riding map to get lost in.

Level Haks KSRox Latest Stable
Level Haks KSRox Latest Stable
43.9 MiB
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7 Responses to Level – KS Rox

  1. wayne says:

    theres no link to download this map

  2. laguigue says:

    Nice FJ55!!!

  3. daniel haskins says:

    haha wondered when some one would point that out

  4. wayne says:

    when i first tried this map i was able to use custom trucks but now when i try using custom trucks i get this error sound and it crashes the game

  5. Alan says:

    There is a weird pond defying gravity and is sloped up hill on this map.
    If you find it you will see what i mean. I am sure it is a glitch, but i am going to throw it out as an odd easter egg of sorts.

    For a hint, it is known to be found above.

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