Level – Kobanovo

Author: Denis Lebedev
Source: vk.com

Great abundance of roads, lots of fords, 4 sawmills. Roads secondary patency. 

This is awesome looking map. It has that natural feel to it which says “come get me”. Excellent job.

Level Kobanovo
Level Kobanovo
217 MiB
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2 Responses to Level – Kobanovo

  1. Spectre says:

    Hey Everyone.
    This is a really fun and straight to the point map.

    But the Log Kiosks do not work in Hardcore.
    I can spawn Logs but when I have the logs on the truck I can not load em properly.
    Any advice ?
    Btw only tested with Mod-Trucks yet.

  2. Klaus says:

    Does not work in my legacy version šŸ™

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