Level – Iberian Woods

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Info from the author:

Hi guys!
It is my pleasure to announce, my new Spintires map, “level_Iberian Woods”!
Using the learning path from my first work (the ramp map), plus some other knoledge that i accumulate while waiting for Spintires Editor to came out…it all came together in the Iberian Woods shape.
The map has a way of rewarding those who manually load logs (come on, is such a great feature we have, and so easy to use these days;]).
For those who load auto, is all doable too, it just need to drive more with loaded truck.
All can be done with default vehicles. You have chance to replace some for your favourite mods, although i advise you to swich for something similar, so you get the true feel of the map. It`s best suited for médium sized, C-Type trucks. Ural, Kamaz and my fav. The mighty Kraz 255.
You have forced routs, but mostly you can explore. Some trails are done, others you can do yourself ;)
Also short-cuts, that work, others more or less, and others are nothing but a bunch of trouble. lol
Like the main river, some places you can cross and others you can`t
Diferente terrain variety, lots of water, lots of mud.
challenging kind-Not extreme, you keep on rooling, but with constant need of your driving skills for best approach [so it doesn`t get boring;)].
-The beach
-The Harbor
-The Industrial Facility (long logs must maneuvering backwards)
Fuel Points-2
Auto Lumber-1
Logs Kyosk-1
2 Villas, 1 City, 1 Industrial Area, 1 Harbour, 1 Beach
Mountains, plains, caves, muddy rice fields and lots of room to explore!!!
-Maz D-7310
-Maz D-535
-Kirovets K-700
-Ural C-4320
-Kraz C-255 (x2)
-Kamaz C-6522
-Gaz B-66
-Zil B-130
-Uaz A-469
-Truck slots-4
-read the read me file for introducion ;)

Will you do Dad`s way and explore the area first, or will you do it your way and go directly to wood haulin?
Will you sucsseed and bacame a succesfull owner of the Family`s Companie “The Lumber Jackson`s”?
That`s still remains to be seen…
Author:Guys i wish you all a bunch of fun, that you enjoy playing my map, as much as i enjoyed thinking it, creating it and testing it!
Sorry for any written mistakes…i`m Portuguese 
Let the games begin… MADPOWER77

Level Iberian Woods
Level Iberian Woods
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15 Responses to Level – Iberian Woods

  1. Madpower says:

    Awesome post my Friend Hein!

    …you love those pic`s where wheels are in the air! 😉

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Schlammspringer says:

    Very nice work, mate!
    I think you have tried to form this map similar to your homelands, and i like it. But unfortunately we haven’t the fitting assets to create the great mediterrean flair…
    Until now, only had the time to explore a bit and what i’ve seen is very impressive. I love realistic terrain and details, not only forcrd tracks but enough area for free roaming.
    And therefore i have to say, well done!
    Sure i will enoy this map when i have enough time to play and awaiting more of this sort in the future from you. 🙂
    Much success with your coming projects…



    • Madpower says:

      Thanks Oliver aka Schlammspringer(does that mean a runner that jumps lol)
      I don`t know how i haven`t seen your comment yet…specially since it was made the day after post….how could i miss that? well perhaps was on hold, to be aproved :/

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, sure feels good to know that people realise our intencions when creating, although it always needs a touch more 😉
      But such comment from such level creator, builds trust:)

      Madpower77 😉

  3. Madpower says:

    A litle preview video…doing some cloacks while heading to next fuel point



  4. white mild says:

    Just put the 2 files in Media/levels. SP works but maps is not in multiplayer mode. Does it work in MP?

  5. Madpower says:

    @white mild
    You need to uncheck achivments otherwise no user map will work.
    Last i tryed i could enter MP lobby without accidents…So if it is not showing for you must be that…or anyother beside my map 😉

    Please, try uncheck those box then tell me how it went, ok? 🙂


  6. mitchel de man says:

    Its a Good map
    But for me i just cant get any Modded truck on this map because it just crashes on me
    so yeah

    Tanker mande09

  7. mitchel de man says:

    Nevermind just reinstall The level and its okay 😀

    • Madpower says:

      Hi @Mitchel…glad it all went ok.I only saw it now, but i was a bit lost with that cause i had tryed it with both certified and not, without issue.Still is always good that people inform about issue, might have the need to make an update…oh and thanks for taking time to tell that after all was nothing…save me the trouble! 😉

      Now level is better! 🙂
      cause being “Good but…” is no good at all
      Is just people softing up the terrain for the beating 😉

      Have fun w/ your fav mods Man! 🙂

  8. Dripping Rotten Flesh says:

    The link below is a screenshot I took of the map [F1] after completing it [Spoiler Warning] that includes my stats as proof of play, my caption and comment (positive). In a nutshell, I enjoyed playing Iberian Woods. Good job!


    – DRF

  9. Madpower says:

    Thanks mate…nice to see people realise my intencions…and a player doing it all, and not just explore and move to next one, is the best comment i can get, much more when is satisfied and realise there are variety not only in terrain but chalenge between short/long easy/hard and mix them all together without order. Is never easy balance and there`s always room to improve, but there are limitations also 😉

    Much obliged Sir 🙂

  10. Madpower says:

    still waiting moderation…better leave comments as free 😉 or else you would be stuck in work everytime

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Nope. Ton of spam is being stopped already but there are also a LOT of crappy comments from actual humans. Sad really 🙂

  11. Ilkka says:

    It seems to be really easy to sunk your truck in bottom of the lake on this one, but still quite a nice map. I didn´t finish it tough, since I run out of trucks:=)

  12. MADPOWER77 says:

    LOL Yes mate, how i can imagine that….humans….more i get to know them more i like animals 😉 i believe iis need it, but my fought was that should not be easy a ton of comments every time, plus Oovee forum….Was a ease up strategy…Sometimes i admire your work in that way too.I can get much into it but if i get bored i leave then i came back, but you no matter what keep a dedication to it that i admire bro, even when your more into doing stuff to your home life and not so much ST…things keep running and updated as can be…important but descrit work, tons of it.thumbs up not only for authors 😉

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