Level – Homeland

Author: MadGhost3251
Source: Oovee

Text copied from Oovee:

A small map that will keep objective players busy for awhile :)

Story: A massive storm has left your Lumber Yard underwater but its business as usual you have 3 large orders to fill to keep “afloat” pun intended, When your done with that move your remaining lumber to your new yard. Keep a tow vehicle on standby near the lumber yard (you never know where there could be a big hole in that muddy brown water Mwahahaha) 4 Objectives, and all the Necessities Have fun!

This map was originally designed with custom objects so it is a little dull at the moment i will release the custom objects version when they are supported for MP

Level Homeland Latest Stable
Level Homeland Latest Stable
9.0 MiB
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