Level – Geocaching 3

Author: V12

Geocaching 3 for SpinTires
Third Geocaching map is here ! More difficult than two previous ! Many offroad routes mixed with hardcore trial stages, some caches are reachable only with maximum courage. And there is a secret military installation with great surprise.

All chaches are accessible with Uaz without trunk. You can use Land Rover Series III with some addons, but I recommend only offroad kit. Trucks are usable too as heavy assistance.
Map object library from workshop required, download it from http://steamcommunit…s/?id=644378567
SpinTires Plus v7 and higher (from http://www.oovee.co….pintires-plus/)highly recommended for best gameplay with this parameters :
AllowCustomObjectsInMP=”true” for multiplay
ExtraAddonProperties=”true” for better fording capability of LR III equiped with snorchel
MapsCanOverrideCloakMesh=”true” for tornado replacement

Level Geocaching 3
Level Geocaching 3
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  1. TeKno says:

    For some reason I cannot get this map to work.

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