Level – Fedral Road

Author – Dmitry Kalinin

Usually I don’t find logging maps that entertaining to play, but to be honest this one is an exception. I really enjoyed just how scenic this map is. I found the variation in terrain to be nice for a change and the way how he used the telephone polls on the map I found to be quite a cool touch. I can understand why someone’s afternoon could be lost due to this map as it is lots of fun to explore. I would rate the difficulty for logging on this map to be somewhere in between easy and moderate but don’t let that deter you as this is a very good map. Just grab a couple of trucks and enjoy.

Features include:

– 1 garage (open)

– 4 slots for cars

– 1 loading point

– 3 sawmill

Recommended Trucks;

Scout vehicle – Brutes Jeep YJ (http://spintires.nl/jeep-wrangler-yj/)

Scout vehicle – Phease 4Runner (http://spintires.nl/toyota-4runner/)

Logging Truck – Kraz 5131 (http://spintires.nl/kraz-5131/)

Secondary back up logging truck – Man HX-80 (http://spintires.nl/man-tbt-hx-80/)

Karta Federal Road 2
Karta Federal Road 2
31.3 MiB
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