Level – Falls

Author: ReeferBMX
Source: Oovee

As the author says it: Semi-Realistic Offroading/Crawling/Flexing. put it in low and go.

As i see it: true to the last dot. This map shows what can be done with some patience and a idea. Well put together map with good scenery and lots of trails to explore. You can even do some logging on this map although crawlers feel more at home on this map.

Level Falls
Level Falls
42.6 MiB
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5 Responses to Level – Falls

  1. Bright Spark says:

    Check out my first impressions of this map mod!
    Cool little map with some really interesting paths and trails for all experiences. Best vehicles to use on this map are crawlers or any SID mods.
    Please leave a like and subscribe!

  2. wayne says:

    is the ford crawler and the tanish 6×6 on the work shop. where can i get them.

  3. Reefer says:

    For the most updated version of the map head over to the oovee Forums. Still a lot of work going into this map, just hard to find the time! thanks

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