Level – DPI Tihomir Forest

Author: Dexter Paris
Source: Oovee

Text from author:
»Tihomir Forest« offers two interesting routes through a dense forest in a beautiful detailed and realistic scenery.

This map is designed for hauling short logs with 6×6 trucks to experience a maximum of driving pleasure.


  • 2 lumberyards including 1 crane truck and 1 fuel truck each
  • 3 objectives
  • 3 free slots which can be replaced with (serious) mods
  • 1 garage
  • 1 fuel station

Recommended Trucks

Trucks you will already find on the map

  • C-6522 KamAZ
  • C-4320 Ural

Trucks from Steam Workshop (for use with free slots)

  • B-131 ZIL
  • C-4310 Ural
  • C-432010 Ural Long Hood version
  • C-65111 KamAZ Offroad version


The forest is very dense so I recommend panning the camera around the front of your truck, using the first gear and watching out for all the stuff which can damage your expensive working equipment!

Have a good time on »Tihomir Forest« 🙂

Dexter Paris

Level DPI Tihomir Forest
Level DPI Tihomir Forest
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8 Responses to Level – DPI Tihomir Forest

  1. Brad says:

    I cant download says i need a username and pasword

  2. Jared says:

    Yeah Spintires.nl you mean by some all of them I can’t download nothing. 🙁

  3. Ilkka says:

    Really good map, nice challenge, great and narrow roads that goes top of the fill in a tight forest. I really do like this map, thanks.

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