Level – Diablo Trails

Author: Smed1981

Text from author:

I present Diablo Trails. This map has crazy hill climbs, rock sections, mud sections and hidden side trails. It has been a lot of fun to build and test. It is my third map and is definitely an improvement over the first two maps. If you enjoyed Offroad Challenge but thought that it could have looked better, then this map will be a treat. Around 180 hours to create not counting testing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as my friends and I did testing it.

I recommend Spintires Plus and DCMT Rock Friction Fix for this map.

Have fun,

Size: 32×32
Map Type: Trail (no logging)
Custom ground textures but no custom models.

Map Includes:
2 Garage
2 Fuel

Thanks to Schlammspringer for the custom textures.
Big thanks to MadSky for all of his help and support. This map is better in every way thanks to his input.

Important** To install the custom textures simply drag the media folder from the download into your Spintires main folder and it will add the textures needed for the map. If the ground is black when in game then the textures are not installed properly.

Level Diablo Trails
Level Diablo Trails
level_Diablo Trails.7z
94.6 MiB
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