Level – DCMT Trails

Author: DrGoNzO1489

This map is a trail map made for those who have skills and enjoy using the lockers and lower gears but it can also be used by new players just wanting to blast through it in auto gears. Good layout of the terrain, lots of small trails to discover and although this map is half sized it will keep you busy for a few hours.

Level DCMT Trails Latest Stable
Level DCMT Trails Latest Stable
12.8 MiB
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6 Responses to Level – DCMT Trails

  1. yodaman says:

    Needs more than just rocks… How about some terrain challenges?

    The constant rocks get kinda old after a while…

    Great job on creating such a large map, just mix it up a little?

  2. Gonzo says:

    Thanks for the input, I will back of on rocks on my next map this map was supposed to be rocky its intentional makes the small map feel allot bigger, anyways next map is full size so much more diverse terrain. Cheers!

  3. SP00BY11BRAVO says:

    I’m a new player and had no problems with this map. My buddy and I spent about 4 hours at least probably more riding the trails. I saw someone say something about all the rocks. We loved the fact they were in there ( added a lot of grip). Going to download all of you maps later today once I get some sleep. Great job and thank you for all the work and attention to detail.

    By the way evil hill to get fuel on an empty tank.

    • Gonzo says:

      Thanks guy appreciate it! I’m in between PCs atm so no work getting done but everything should be good come Tues we will see. Hopefully I can get next map rolling again….

  4. big d says:

    whats this Microsoft edge crap that pops up when I try to download it

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