Level – Comp Crawl

Author: Nix_909

If you like to crawl, with a truck, then get a look at this level. It has nothing to do with logging and all to do with crawling along rocks and steep inclines, through water and mud and everything in between. Just a fun map for those who love to test their crawling skills.

Level CompCrawl
Level CompCrawl
15.3 MiB
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19 Responses to Level – Comp Crawl

  1. travist says:

    Thank you for this level! Where can I get that jeep crawler in the pics? Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    is that truck released if not when will it be and great map btw

  3. CrashX says:

    Epic! Great work again Nix

  4. Beer&Meat says:

    This map is a lot of fun for us guys who like to crawl around, it’s challenging throughout and just plain gnarly in some places. Wish the map was bigger, hopefully we see more of this author with same/similar terrain.

  5. Snicklefritz says:

    Download link requires username and password. What gives?

  6. JOhn Down says:

    Download link still not working! it asks for password

  7. Daku says:

    Hmm. Would like to check this map out but still requires the username and password.

  8. pbnjeveryday says:

    do you have a ruff estimate on when the map downloads will be fixed?

  9. 01ranger4x4 says:

    Download link still requires a username and password. Any update on when this will be resolved

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