Level – Build 3805 rc

Source: vk.com

Decent map with normal level of difficulties. Good for your average logging. Also fun to try and navigate without consulting the map.

Level Build 3805 Rc
Level Build 3805 Rc
59.8 MiB
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7 Responses to Level – Build 3805 rc

  1. White Wolf says:

    Cool looking map!

    That Chevy You used for testing, looks really awesome!
    Can I ask who is the author?
    Who ever did it , made an awesome job!

  2. Techno Delta says:

    map looks good.. but i think I’m more interested in that truck :3

  3. aderdap says:

    Thanks, great map

  4. Montec1983 says:

    that truck looks like Brute Terror or SID quality, is it available for download??

  5. Ilkka says:

    Cannot say that this would be my favourite.

    It looked nice from the start but after driving for a while I lost my interest.

    Maybe with better starting trucks this would be a nicer experience.

  6. domanic says:

    why cant i download the map?

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