Level – Bow water

Author: Minitor

This is a must have level if you want to have realism in the game. The Bow water level does just that, it really immerses you into the game. I had a whale of time getting my trucks to their destination, figuring it which route would work best for me. The layout of the terrain feels fluid and thought through. If realism is what you look for in a map then get this one, you will not be disappointed. But for the thrill seekers Minitor added a little bonus. A playground area to flex your vehicle of choice on, default is the uaz at the playground which i switched for the Screamin Blue crawler.

Level Bow Water Latest Stable
Level Bow Water Latest Stable
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16 Responses to Level – Bow water

  1. arb says:

    Not really a fan of maps that don’t have any cloaking points Personally. Just takes away from really exploring.

    • Ivan says:

      I agree with that 100 percent, in fact I would love a map that had cloaking placed where u cant possibly get to them so that u could never reveal the full map. Kind of like age of empires, would be sweet.

  2. Aphelion says:

    Its simple, don’t press F1 and the map is cloaked.

    • Ivan says:

      I actually thought about this, nice suggestion, but just finding the fuel station may be too difficult. lol. I might try it tho

  3. Andy says:

    This is a gorgeous looking map which must have taken a lot of work to create. The thing is, it only has one garage, which is locked. Maybe it’s because I’m using modded trucks, but because these vehicles spawn with no garage-point bodies, there’s no way to unlock the garage, hence no way to fit log-carrying bodies in order to complete the objectives.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this?

  4. Minitor/ AKA Aphelion says:

    Don’t mod the Ural or use a mod that has the garage tent trailer available.
    Thanks for the compliments Andy.

    My maps are designed around logging as the objective, not hide and seek. As a consequence the map is available to the driver, so he/she can develop routes. I do agree, on some level (Ivan/Arb) certain maps should have cloaks. From this point forward I will make two maps, one with cloaks for the explores and one without for the planners. If Hein is willing to post both.

    Thanks for downloading.
    Look for more maps in the near future.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Sure, posting both is not a problem.

    • Andy says:

      Aw, that’s a shame, Minitor. I replaced the stock Ural 4320 with a really great Ural 5322, which is now one of my favourite trucks. If I try to reinstall the 4320, I’m worried I might screw up a lot of other stuff. Think I’ll just have to content myself with exploring your map as a ‘tourist’ ;0)

      Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work in the future.

  5. Minitor/ AKA Aphelion says:

    I will make sure my future maps will accommodate the end users. Send me a PM on the Oovee forums and will send you an alternate link so you can use your modded trucks.

  6. Minitor/ AKA Aphelion says:

    Andy, thank you for the kind words, also recognizing the nuance aesthetics and the many, many hours of work that goes into map design. Your words are very encouraging.

  7. Jinxer says:

    I’ve downloaded this map and installed correctly, I have the game set to legacy mode, but when I try to play this map and a couple of others, all I’m getting is “OK” on the screen. How can I fix this so I can play all the maps again.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      That is because this map is for the latest available version.. it even says so in the file name 🙂

  8. carson says:

    it never lets my install mods. it does not open the file where it move into the game

  9. JJ says:

    Log Kiosk? Map looks cool but is not playable on hardcore and casual… Well, it’s boring at best.

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