Level – Black Diamond, WA

Author: MoeRon

Trail map, pure and simple. No objectives just trailing. Get it downloaded and have fun on the trails.

Level - Black Diamond WA
Level - Black Diamond WA
level - Black Diamond WA.7z
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6 Responses to Level – Black Diamond, WA

  1. PvtStash says:

    Sorry to bother, seem to get 403 error on DL link.

  2. moaaom says:

    where are you finding anything close to this in black diamond I live in the area and have no idea where this is based off of. thanks. 🙂

    • MoeRon says:

      It’s a fairy tale black diamond. Started out as a property of a friends growing up, but I went over board. It’s Washington looking for sure. Next will be ravensdale.. And will replicate a spot near the power plant.

  3. Anonymous says:

    whos green truck with the boggers in the last pic

  4. Xminer124 says:

    I cant see the map at all

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