Level – Biverrig

Author: NTSR
Tester: SID + crew

And to start the day i got a new map by a known map maker, NTSR. Now the veteran players out there, including at least 1 Oovee staff member, know his maps are really detailed and realistic. And this new map is no less real and authentic. It is a hardcore logging map, flooded valley surrounded by hardcore trail paths where you really need to watch where you are driving. Trucks larger than 6×6 are going to have a hard time going anywhere so stick to 6×6 or less. Also a great map for those who just want to explore the various trails and hidden paths around the map.

For those of you who use Spintires Plus by Localhost:
If you are using spintires plus and biverrig crashes in the spintires plus config file make sure this is set to “false”IncreaseTerrainLOD=”false” this should stop it crashing.

Level Biverrig
Level Biverrig
86.6 MiB
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