Level – Banjarbaru racetrack

Author: Bregel
Source: right here

This is something else from Bregel. Instead of a killer mod he has created this racetrack, based on an actual racetrack. It’s called the Banjarbaru racetrack. Features the real raceway plus a fictional off-road trail course. Both tracks are really cool to drive on. The only PITA is the suspension damage which may be irritating. But it’s a lot of fun either way. Bregel included some nice custom objects like company banners, rocks, tires to crawl over etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this map and can highly recommend it.

Level Banjarbaru Latest Stable
Level Banjarbaru Latest Stable
72.4 MiB


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10 Responses to Level – Banjarbaru racetrack

  1. Madpower says:

    A race track from Bregel would be the last thing i would expect:)))
    Give it a go now
    perhaps i need to find “me” self another car…a faster one!;)

  2. wayne says:

    how do i get this map to work for multiplayer. i tried just installing the levels only but says file broke.

  3. Derek Coaker says:

    What race truck is in the screenshots please?

  4. Derek Coaker says:

    or are there any race trucks compatible with LS version?

  5. Dylan says:

    Keeps saying for every map i download “cant load level (name) file either broken/missing or old version please help. i drag over the stg and the dds files into their correct spots and it still does it

  6. SpiKee49 says:

    That happened to me 2 on some maps and i have lates stable, so idk what about it.

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