Level – Baja 5150

Author: NIX_909
Source: Oovee

Text and screenshots by Nix_909:

Very long baja style track with an optional rock race section.
SID for helping me the whole time with this map.
Bridge fix: Bruteterror
Banners: SID
Road Block: Hazzard
Cactus: Hazzard
Testers: SID, Bruteterror, Hazzard and Serious

Level Nix-Baja 5150
Level Nix-Baja 5150
level_Nix-Baja 5150.7z
44.5 MiB


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3 Responses to Level – Baja 5150

  1. darkrider says:

    uhm there’s no fuel station?

    • ~{DCMT}~ Ryu says:

      Ya, went to the Oovee thread on this map and it seems Nix did that on purpose. He doesn’t like how some of the fast trucks use so much but hold so little fuel, so he and his buddies just use the unlimited fuel option with the Spintires Plus tweak.

  2. jizzle says:

    this level isnt working says old or broken/missing files. how to fix???

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