Kraz 63221

Author: Vadim Chugaynov

A big 6×6 good looking truck this is the Kraz 6311. Comes with addons and a list of standard addons it should be able to pull. Except someone forgot to place them correctly. So the trailers will not attach because they are not placed correctly in the xml files. Except for the logging equipment which attached just fine. Should someone fix the xml for the other addons let me know and i will update the package.

KrAZ-63221 V1
KrAZ-63221 V1
25.4 MiB
Kraz 63221 Latest Stable
Kraz 63221 Latest Stable
Kraz 63221_latest_stable.7z
35.9 MiB
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8 Responses to Kraz 63221

  1. Sorcerer says:

    Quite a detailed interior, I wonder what its originally from?

  2. MADPOWER says:

    may be need more then one tractor…or see exceptions on trailers xml
    i just got ride of the yellow one, it was cool but had some work to be done, and i`m out of time.But this truck does look good, and you know this is my kind of task:).right now i`m with other project in hands but i will download, if find time i help

  3. MADPOWER says:

    amazing interieurs…i don`t know if the yellow had like this cause mine windows were black:)

  4. MADPOWER says:

    Hein, my frien…do you know if anyone converted the k5blazer from tech demo to full game?
    Was such a nice mod, a reference on those days,i drive really well

  5. Adam says:

    I really like this truck. Has nice interior, good all round detail, wheels and sounds. It is however lacking a rear winch point and I had to tweak the torque as it’s lacking power in low range going through sticky mud. So with a few tweaks here and there I will put it in my top 5 😉

    • MADPOWER says:

      Adam if you did that, perhaps you would like to share with us?
      At least hein was asking if anyone place trailers correctlly,to upload so he can poste it again!
      It does look awesome,only i just download the yellow,wich i think is same, judging by the color on interiors…maybe i`m wrong but the other was 6322…this one is 63221, so…

  6. Sharktooni says:

    For some reason, it is floating and has no tires for me

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