Kraz 6316

Author: Paul Kablukov

A terrific 8×8 kraz experimental vehicle. Good for logging or taking garage parts and fuel to a stranded transports. This truck will get you there because it can!

KRAZ 6316 Latest Stable
KRAZ 6316 Latest Stable
KRAZ 6316_latest_stable.7z
8.7 MiB
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One Response to Kraz 6316

  1. Sledge says:

    I feel this one is not up to par with the one Brute Terror made in the past – which, incidentally, I’d like to see made fit for this version of ST….
    Can’t load logs, minimal attachments, some which make no sense at all. Others are ill fitting, which leads me to believe this was made on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon… It feels half hearted sadly.

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