Kraz 260 megapack

Author: RedPoW / Max Panow

A very fine example of a good mod package. That is what this is. A Kraz 260 with a good texture job, wheels, suspension and animation. And a whole list of goodies to add to the truck. More of this please!


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4 Responses to Kraz 260 megapack

  1. HUsoldier says:

    im curious, why are their so many addons that dont do anything, are they from different mods?

    • says:

      No clue

      • CannasaurusX says:

        This is a fantastic mod, It’s just a shame the structure of the attachments is all random and in Russian. If they could be translated and put into a logical order in the attachment menu at the garage it would be fine.

        You spend 10-15 minuets of a game trying to figure out which attachments go together and what they do ect.

  2. Rico says:

    This mod is terrible! besides the fact that it isn’t working properly both the truck and the low loader keep stucking in the tiniest rocks and branches i dont know if there is something wrong with my game version (latest steam) but nothing works.

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