KrAZ-256-S 8×8 Special

Author: Markóth János

Put this truck in AWD low gear and it will keep on going. The Kraz 256-s 8×8 special is a specialty truck designed to take on heavy terrain while loaded with logs and pulling a trailer with fuel for example. Awesome power in a nice package. Comes with a list of wheels and addons to choose from.

KrAZ-256-S 8x8 Special
KrAZ-256-S 8x8 Special
59.5 MiB
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One Response to KrAZ-256-S 8×8 Special

  1. Luke says:

    I love this truck. I can’t get it working in the latest spin tires though, I had a go at converting but I’m having problems (error about no shapes?). Please please please update to the latest 2015 version

    Thank you 🙂

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