Kamaz Typhoon

Author: LetsRockandRoll
Source: Oovee

Text copied from Oovee forum:

Presenting my Kamaz Typhoon 6×6 Self Loader. This truck is currently in service with the Russian army so it will be a while before any of them find there way into a logging camp. But I thought it would make a great logging truck so I converted a model I found on Sketchup.
The truck comes equipped with 5 addons and 2 sets of wheels.


Original Model: Sketchup – https://3dwarehouse….b2-5c4600f5e823

Conversion, rigging, 4 addons, textures by LetsRockAndRoll
Wheels: Grabcad, converted by LetsRockAndRoll
Crane: Tattoo’s stand alone crane mod.
Gearbox settings: PressureLine
Test Drive: Hein


Back up your media folder and unpack the zip file into the ST Media folder.

Screenshots from vk.com and Oovee.

Kamaz Typhoon
Kamaz Typhoon
Kamaz Typhoon.7z
43.5 MiB
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