Kamaz Mongo “Finale”

Author: Yuri Ismailov
Source: vk.com

This is the final version of the Kamaz Mongo. Looks like something Mad Max would drive if he were to start hauling trucks and lumber ;). The final version features lots of detail in animation, just switch to cabin cam and watch the steering wheel. And it also has a upgraded car transporter. Can also use standard addons.

23.7 MiB
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7 Responses to Kamaz Mongo “Finale”

  1. Cooter Ray says:

    Is that trevor from gta in the front?

  2. Captain007 says:

    Sometimes i switch from the uaz to the truck my uaz passes right through it and glitches out! starts flying around like a tornado, other then that i love it! =D


  3. Hazord606 says:

    I love this truck so far, its gotta be one of my favourites, but i dont know how to use the car transporter, i know how the controls for it work but when i put both ramps all the way down, its too steep to get the vehicle up, is there something im missing here?

  4. Devon says:

    what are the controls for it, cant make it work, 8(

    • Spintires.nl says:

      If i remember correctly R and T. Other then that just use the standard crane control buttons as that is the only way such addons can be made to move.

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