Author: Dmitry Romanenko
Source: stmods.ru

This is a beast. A 6×6 Kamaz 635050 Dakar edition. Looks really good and handles even better. You can add some extra spare parts on the roof.

Kamaz 635050 V1 By Dmitriy Romanenko
Kamaz 635050 V1 By Dmitriy Romanenko
18.4 MiB
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4 Responses to KAMAZ-635050

  1. обзор мода says:

  2. обзор мода says:

  3. Jopi says:

    Is it right that you cant change the Truck this mod replaces? when i rename the uaz.xml file to kamaz.xml Spintires crashes when i start a map where the Kamaz truck exists.

    Further I wasnt able to use the cabcam like in your pictures. when I use the cabcam I have a strage vision of the interior of the utility addon.

    But I have to admit that I like your truck.

  4. Sorcerer says:

    The cab of this truck is awesome but I wish you could remove the rear and make it an addon, would love to use it essentially as a double-cab version of the stock Kamaz.

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