Kamaz 44108 final version

Author: Dmitry Romanenko, Voodoo
Source: vk.com

This is massive truck with a massive list of addons. You can make it as crazy as you would like. It can haul container, rescue trailers, triple trailer and more. Good cab cam and a good ride make this a really good mod to use in the game. The only downside, and this where we need your help, is the black cab. It is not supposed to be black but we can’t find where this part of the mod goes south. If you know how to fix this let us know, post it in a comment.

* Update * Black cab fixed. Is now white. Thanks to all the comments below who gave me the solution *

Kamaz 44108 By Voodoo
Kamaz 44108 By Voodoo
182 MiB
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10 Responses to Kamaz 44108 final version

  1. aplrapid says:

    Running Steam Version of Spintires and run into some troubles, cause some of the vehicle mods weren’t appearing in the game. After some tinkering I found that the difference is in the folder structure.
    Some of the mods missing the media folder as between folder, so that e.g. JSGME mod application copies the information to the right place.
    Name of mod / media / classes, meshes, sound, texture

    On the other hand this Kamaz mod is awesome!!!!

  2. cjgaltieri says:

    I have not finished downloading the file, but just thinking quick, I am sure you would have checked to make sure the textures were in the folder, but did you check the meshes xml files to see if the texture directories were correct?

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Have not had the time to do so. The cab seems to be the only bit not getting the correct textures. Feel free to help out ;).

  3. et22 says:

    In the texture folder there are some textures with russian letters. You must find them, rename and edit xml file.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Would you be so kind to sum them up here so we all know which files are to be renamed and in which files they are used?

      • wnk says:

        I don’t have any clue how to create my own truck and that sucks, because there are so many nice trucks around the world, but… I knwo how to manage with black cab.

        go to Kamaz 44108\meshes\trucks\kamaz44108\44108.xml
        then section:
        Mesh=”default ,Object011,Object032″

        rename both instances ‘ââ3bel’ to whatever you want, but also in textures folder you have to find that ââ3bel.bmp and rename properly.

        If you want you also can have blue or orange cab, there are another 2 silimar .bmp in textures forlder.

  4. et22 says:

    In the folder:

    ..\Kamaz_44108_by_Voodoo\textures\44108 find 4 files named вв2.bmp, вв3.bmp, вв3bel.bmp and вв3sin.bmp (вв3bel.bmp and

    вв3sin.bmp those textures probebly alternative)

    Rename them for example ww2.bmp, ww3bmp etc.

    In the folder Kamaz_44108_by_Voodoo\meshes\trucks\kamaz44108\44108 find 44108.xml file, open it.

    find in the file:


    It’s ferom my memory, I deinstall it now, can’t check becouse lost my saves.
    Tell ity works or not.

  5. richie says:

    could it be that they made it in the pirated spintires because I know a truck that did this when made with the illegal game

  6. karosak951 says:

    hi guys, how can i get to the cab?

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