Kamaz 44108 and 44118

Author: Dmitry Romanenko
Source: vk.com

Two for the price of one. The Kamaz 44108 and the 44118. Both equipped with a long list of addons and wheels to choose from. Something for everything you might say. They look good and the overall work is impressive. Animations and suspension are good and the trucks really feel like they can take on whichever task you equip them for.

Камаз 44108 и 44118 Mod
Камаз 44108 и 44118 Mod
Камаз 44108 и 44118 mod.7z
169 MiB
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One Response to Kamaz 44108 and 44118

  1. Roman says:

    All health fans of the Game.. To KAMAZ adequately textures showed,definitely need to replace the Blue and the Default KAMAZ,prescribing handles in the Fashion

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