JK8 Crawler

Author: DrGoNzO1489
JK Crawler Sounds/Driver by: Oovee

Hill Billy fabulous and it comes with a winch and utility rack as addons. carries a total of 520 repair points and 80ltrs of fuel. multiple tire options two of which have postfix “Flex” these denote wheels that change suspension to soft crawler suspension. (This option is available in both tire styles in 38″ class only.) Has been tested on latest update addons work in MP aswell. Great scout rig, and with the ability to carry fuel and repair, the truck will use 2 Balance points.

JK8Crawler Latest Stable
JK8Crawler Latest Stable
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14 Responses to JK8 Crawler

  1. DigitalX says:

    Just downloaded to test this on the latest current release, and it works fine. Never used a crawler before but can definitely see the appeal! great mod.

  2. Braden says:

    I like this thing so far but can’t really test it out until some maps get updated again…

  3. Braden says:

    Also was wondering why this won’t work in legacy mode

  4. laguigue says:

    Nice work Doc!!!

  5. . says:

    would this work in 08.11..15

    • Gonzo says:

      Yes this works for the very latest update, in SP and MP.
      I install with JSGME, but not to say a direct file install won’t work

  6. firedog9662 says:

    what map is that your using

  7. sasquatchJr99 says:

    How did you use that mad on he new version of the game?

  8. Daverz says:

    Doc how do you make mods with BLENDER?

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