Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8

Author: Vlad Tkachenko

This is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8. Standard factory build jeep which rarely sees mud. Except for this mod because it is in Spin Tires now! It does not have difflock but it was surprisingly agile in off-road conditions. Nice too look at and nice to drive. No addons.

Jeep SRT
Jeep SRT
6.9 MiB
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12 Responses to Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8

  1. Brandon C Hubbard says:

    there is a problem with the download link for the jeep srt. just thought you should know. it says i dont have
    permission for the file

  2. marc says:

    The jeep cherekee dosen’t donlwoad …

  3. LaZiEsTMango says:

    umm…im denied access?

  4. LaZiEsTMango says:

    nvm im good

  5. dc says:

    the colors dont work and the sounds and its fully black

  6. Coffee_conquest says:

    What verion of the game?

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