Installing MudRunner Maps

The site has been dormant for a while but we are about ready to start firing on all cylinders once again. Stand by for a bunch of maps and mods to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Installing Maps on Spintires: MudRunner follows roughly the same process that it always has. It is not very difficult and requires little computer/coding knowledge as I have compiled a file that you can drag into the Spintires: MudRunner root folder.

Below is the file for basic installation of MudRunner Maps. Simply drag the contents of the zipped folder into the Spintires: Mudrunner root folder and you will be ready to start installing maps:

Spintires Setup
Spintires Setup
567 B

For the new people to Spintires: Mudrunner here is the way I navigate to the MudRunner root folder.

  1. Open up Steam
  2. Once steam has opened navigate to the Library tab
  3. Then find Spintires:MudRunner in the list on the left hand side
  4. Right click and select properties
  5. Once in Properties click Local Files
  6. Then click Browse Local Files. This will open up the Spintires: MudRunner root folder.

This is when you will use the Spintires folder you downloaded.

  • Open up the Spintires and copy all contents inside and paste into Spintires: MudRunner root folder

Now we are done! Time to test out if this worked.

  • Download a MudRunner Map – Preferably from  🙂
  • Drag into Maps folder in Spintires: MudRunner root folder.
  • Open game and play on map!

If you are have issues please leave a comment.

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9 Responses to Installing MudRunner Maps


    currently working on a map for spintires, was going to make it for mudrunner but im honestly not finding mudrunner fun. map should be done in a week or so

  2. andrew says:

    i need some help fast @Hazzard i deleted the textures and cant get them back and now my mutilpler wont work.


    i think it might be just the fact that theres no mods out or maps that i really like

  4. Zach says:

    What is actually pasted in “Maps”? I’m not getting the downloaded map when I look for it in maps

    • Hazzard says:

      You need to paste all files from the map you download into the maps folder (classes, levels, meshes and textures folders).

  5. Caleb Bennett says:

    I did that and there still not popping up in maps

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