Ikarus 280.46

Author: Max Dmitriev, byPra, Denis, Lexan, Bambi
Source: vk.com

This is a accordion bus, with a midsection that can bend and tilt in all directions. You can fit it with two wheels, on and off-road. Very well done mod, with good detail on the swivel part of the bus. Rear wheel of the bus and the wheels of the add-on section are powered. Challenging to go off-road with. Does not do waterfalls that good πŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to Ikarus 280.46

  1. Arya_Suun says:

    Haha, That situation and vehicle combo reminds me of Jurassic Park2. πŸ˜€ Looks different.. might actually play with that.

  2. Guilherme says:

    hey man, what would be your next projects? Could you Peterbilt?

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