Hummer H1 Alpha

Author: Max Dmitriev

A good looking H1 alpha hummer. With two sets of wheels and 1 addon. It does the job like a hummer would, slow but steady. It can handle pretty much all sorts of terrain just make sure you navigate with caution because it can tip over.

H1 Alpha-1
H1 Alpha-1
3.7 MiB
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9 Responses to Hummer H1 Alpha

  1. GOLDORAK74 says:

    waaoouuhh Hummer H1 good good good !!! I like that !

  2. Karolis says:

    Finally!! :))

  3. Cooter Ray says:

    This is awesome!

  4. Whiffysole says:

    What’s with the .7z files? How do I install them?

  5. CMP says:

    Driver view

    Cabin=”(-0.25; 1.68; 0.5)” IsHood=”true”

  6. julien says:

    Great mod!!

    Works fine when adding manually to the game.

    However does not work when used with JSGE… anyone else experiencing this issue?


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