How to..

How to use new truck models, levels or other mods.

I decided to write a tiny how-to for those who cannot figure out how the mods are to be used with Spin Tires.


Unzip the file you downloaded, either from here or elsewhere. Most mod maker place their work in folders which correspond with the folder Spin Tires uses when properly installed. So the content of Trucks goes into Trucks and the content of Sounds (which usually is also present in a truck mod) is copied to Sounds. Really straightforward and easy to do.


Be mindfull to either rename or make a backup of your levelUp.stg file before overwriting it with a custom level.

Hope this helps those that need it.

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  1. Lawrence (Lar) Mayotte says:

    you should also recomend getting the file "release"  and adding it to your Spin Tires main folder! ….it can be gotten under "files" from Spin Tires Group at facebook. (what it does is allow you to play spin tires as a developer!……you click on the "release" and the game  .starts from there……you can use "key combinations" like ctr + T ….truck menue…..lets you change to different truck anywhere anytime!…..ctr + N ….lets you change maps in game!….it opens the map menue!…….ctr + M ….respawns truck 1 truck length from roll over or stuck spot!……also I put instructions on how to change the view so you can see all of the truck!……and how to see all of the trailer!… I would also add them to your site for others to use)…..I hope you will take the time to do this for the good of the game!…..thanks, you have a great site here!……enjoy!

    • Hein says:

      I am adding that “release” edition tomorow along with the new HDR version of Spin Tires. Thanks for the key combo’s!

  2. colton says:

    How do I open windowed mode?


    • Hein says:

      Press Escape during play. Choose settings. It’s on of the top tick boxes. Near to the resolution settings.

  3. Todd says:

    I’m hoping to find a How To on manually uncloaking maps instead of doing it ingame. Plus every time I have to start over, I have to uncloak the maps again and again. I just want to uncloak the entire map at once.

    Is this possible?

  4. Hirzo says:

    I could really use some good tips on how to set up the map editor, i want to make some new custom maps.
    Even after 3 re-installs of the game + editor i can’t get it to work like it should.
    This way halve the functions/options in the editor don’t work.
    By installing the editor i can’t install/select the “sources” folder, is that right?

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