How to add a map to Spin Tires

Got asked how to add maps to Spin Tires. And made a quick how-to with pictures because they say more then words etc etc

  1. Go to and click on Map in the menu. Click twice to open the map section or choose the name of a map maker.
    Image 061
  2. Choose a map you want to download and click on either the title or map image.
    Image 062
  3. Then on the map page scroll down the pretty screenshots and click on the green arrow.
    Image 063
  4. Then watch while it downloads.
    Image 064
  5. Go to your browser and unzip the file. I suggest you either use 7zip or WinRar. Then go to the folder and copy the two map files.
    Image 065
  6. Now go to wherever you installed Spin Tires and open the Media folder followed by the Levels folder. Place the two files in that folder.
    Image 066
  7. Now when you open the game it will show the map in the map menu. Don’t load to many maps, the map menu does not have a scroll option. To have that use SpinTires Plus by Localhost.
    Image 067
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7 Responses to How to add a map to Spin Tires

  1. Carter says:

    What about a map with custom objects, i can install regular ones fine but when i install one with custom objects the textures of buildings and concrete always come out white

  2. Danieldan5152 says:

    Why does no one use the mod enabler anymore it’s so much easier. I’ve been using it since the begining since it allows for those mods with custom textures.

  3. Darien Seminoff says:

    How do you install a complicated map mod, one that has custom textures and such?

  4. Colin says:

    HI I cant get any map to work can you help?

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