Graphical Enhancement – Spintires(NG)

Author: TeKno

Another pretty Impressive graphics mod, deffinatley worth a go

Author Comments:

Spintires(NG) is a graphic enhancer. It uses the program “SweetFx 1.5.1” to achieve this. In terms of FPS hit it will very depending on PC power. If you have a decent PC with a 1GB GPU then you shouldn’t notice any FPS loss. Spintires(NG) sharpens the image + brightens the image + adds vibrancy.

Please follow the “READ ME!” file for installation instructions.


[wpfilebase tag=file path=’levels/latest_stable/Spintires(NG).7z’ /]

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4 Responses to Graphical Enhancement – Spintires(NG)


    man, too bad i dont have a 1gb gpu

    • TeKno says:

      You can still give it a try. In game settings reduce the values till you have a decent FPS, but of course it will degrade effects of mod. If you still have lagg then your GPU is too weak.

  2. Digital X says:

    What do you have? Sweetfx/Reshade is not THAT taxing.

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