Author: Tattoo
Source: Oovee forum

The gearboxes have been restored to working order using the work of this good man. Watch his Youtube video and then download the zip at the bottom of this page.

H pattern gearbox Hurst shifter with Skull
This is a really cool one. The eyes light up when you select the stick and when you lock the gas the teeth light up 🙂

H pattern gearbox Hurst shifter

H pattern gearbox with stick

H pattern shifter with a T-handle

Tattoo Gearbox Collection
Tattoo Gearbox Collection
Tattoo gearbox collection.7z
2.2 MiB
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14 Responses to Gearboxes

  1. Dobra says:

    At last I can quickly change my gear before engine stalls.
    Thanks for this great mod.

  2. bryson says:

    can some1 make a video on how to install this or help me install this? cant for the life of me do it had some1 do it for me before and it worked just fine till re install of game please help incredibly FRUSTERATING

  3. X says:

    1- Corrupt Files Report
    2- Website block user control, annoying!! …

    • says:

      Need more info then this. Which file is corrupt, because when i download them they all work. And yes the website blocks user controls because of some other sites copying my text 1 on 1.

  4. Braden says:

    I dont get a media folder with this mod, instead its called meshes…should i rename it to media as per directions above? thanks

  5. annon says:

    Is the last gearbox working in the 19/12 update? I tried putting like:
    spintires/media/meshes/gui/gearbox.x and it doesnt work.

  6. Brian says:

    I am having trouble installing the first gearbox at the top of the page. Every time I go to extract the to the Spin tires folder nothing happens, it does not ask me to overwrite anything in the media folder. Also even if I attempt step 3 when I go to the Spintires/User folder there is no Config.xml file to click on. Can anyone help or have suggestions?

  7. Nick says:

    Ok the Tat gearbox H does not work for the current version of spintires please update

  8. Mario says:

    Tried first gearbox with skull. Doesn’t work with 03.03.16.

    1. You have issue with TextureCache vs. TexturesCache
    2. Tried to fix both ways, changed config.xml line to TexturesCache while folder name remained TexturesCache, and secondly config.xml to TextureCache and also renamed the folder with same name. Doesn’t work.
    3.Tried to put new gearbox files into original and Does not work either.

    So bad luck for me, was hoping to get normal gearbox, hope for fixes.

  9. Joe says:

    Does this still work in the latest stable?

  10. ekebergs10 says:

    does no1 read the readme that are comming with it? or is that only comming with it if you download it at the oovee download manager?
    i downloaded it at the oovee download manager and it work perfect, but i had to re-install it 3-4 times before it worked.

  11. I'm51/50 says:

    Thank you makes quickshifts from low to high range much easier than default shifter,and love the skull shifter animations they look awesome.:)

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