Gaz 66 M beta

Author: Sergey Pasichnyk

This is fun Russian style. A Gaz 66 M beta which can be driven the same way a T-150 can. Be being able to twist midframe it can take sharp bends and sharp corners. Can be fitted with two wheel sets and a list of good addons. Worth your download bandwidth.

Gaz 66 M
Gaz 66 M
73.5 MiB
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2 Responses to Gaz 66 M beta

  1. Randal says:

    I enjoy this one a lot its so much fun!

  2. Andrew W. says:

    I love this truck! it is different than most and that’s the reason. I have something off topic. Is it possible for one to change the number of trucks at the spawn of a map?

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