GAZ-66 Diesel Double Cab

Authors: Model: Eagle Dynamics, OOVEE, ronnie. Addons: Eagle Dynamics, selonik, TruckerStas, Alex j, OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: Eagle Dynamics, Maxim Pioneer, ronnie. The load of stones: vorkir, ronnie.

Cool truck this Gaz 66 double cab with diesel engine. It has a list of nice addons, 6 wheels to choose from and lots of attention to detail. No MP or achievement support.

Gaz66 Kabina2
Gaz66 Kabina2
Gaz66 kabina2.7z
27.7 MiB
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3 Responses to GAZ-66 Diesel Double Cab

  1. MADPOWER says:


    It seem`s very nice work…i have one request to mod makers/converters (don`t know if it is the case on this one)
    To make addons wityh diferente name and not “KrazCart….2,3” etc
    The thing is that when using more then one mod, they interfear with each other because have the same name…use something totally diferent would be better…
    Thank you amazing work,hope io can use it

  2. Moggz says:

    Really like this mod. Fits seamlessly with the feel of Spintires both in looks and handling. Great selection of add-ons too, particularly like the caravan back.

  3. cph30075 says:

    Did the creators seriously just copy+paste the main cab? It looks identical.

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