GAZ 2975 Tigr

Author: Pixelherder
Source: Oovee

Looking for a car that can take some punishment while you are busy scouting the terrain for roads and log piles? Then look no further. The Gaz 2975 Tigr has been converted by Pixelherder. As usuall a high level of detail and realism. I will not waste more of your time.. download and let this car speak for itself.

** Update 4-12-15:
– Sounds fixed!

** Updated to latest_stable:
– added Gaz tires + small lift
– added default trailers
– standard tires upgraded to Offroad friction

GAZ Tigr Latest Stable
GAZ Tigr Latest Stable
4.8 MiB

** Updated to legacy xml and filename standard ** by Kaku and Pravus_Obzen **

screenshot.3532 screenshot.3525 screenshot.3526 screenshot.3527 screenshot.3528 screenshot.3529 screenshot.3530 screenshot.3531

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13 Responses to GAZ 2975 Tigr

  1. Kaku says:

    January 27, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

  2. Pravus_Obzen says:

    Glad to help

  3. Mike says:

    Dec 1st update isn’t working due to invalid xml. Fixed version of Gaz Tigr.xml is here: and works on Spintires 8.11.15

  4. kimpoiot says:

    there is no sound for me

  5. Zwenk says:

    awesome truck man, been looking for a good SUV with add-ons for the latest version.
    this one fits the bill perfectly

  6. ekkk says:

    can i get permission tu use this mod?

  7. anon says:

    hey, can you make the ingame menu thumbnail to work? it appears black

  8. Neodarian says:

    This mod has been uploaded to steam workshop…are you (author) notified of this?

  9. LaCube57 says:

    Will you upload it on steam?

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