Ford Raptor SVT

Author: SpunInDarkness
Source: Oovee

This mod comes with 16 factory paint schemes and 5 custom SID paints. Check the texture folders for the skins and read the “read me” file for instructions. This mod comes with working dash lights. And it comes with a lot of fun included. This is a masterpiece from SID, no doubt about it. The truck can take on any terrain and absorb jump like a sponge absorbs water in the desert :).

** Latest stable update – 23.10.15 and newer:
New axles and suspension.
New default wheel-set “SID Custom Bead Locks”
Reworked a lot of the body and wheel textures as well.

This mod comes with 16 factory paint schemes and 5 custom SID paints.
Click here for instructions on how to change skins

Original 3D model – Sketch up

Major mesh changes and everything else by SID

This mod was converted by SID with Marijn’s mod converter so a big thanks goes out to him.

SID Ford Raptor SVT Latest Stable
SID Ford Raptor SVT Latest Stable
SID Ford Raptor SVT_latest_stable.7z
8.8 MiB

SID Ford Raptor SVT V1.2
SID Ford Raptor SVT V1.2
SID Ford Raptor SVT
11.2 MiB
  • Version 1.2 Fixed glass, fixed engine sound pops and added roof cam for stable version
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21 Responses to Ford Raptor SVT

  1. XV Gamer says:

    Best mod ever.
    Thanks SID for makeing this car mod.
    Finally we have a Ford F-150 SVT Rapter for spintires 2014.

  2. Sterling says:

    “he he he he he he he he.. giggle giggle” that’s me giggling like a school girl since this came out.. I promised I would.

  3. Lucid says:

    Loving the truck so far. Just a quick question. Would you be able to add mud flaps for the back of the truck? I now some raptors have them. Also some SVT raptors have a wider back to them. Would that be possible to do? Thanks.

  4. HEADBUSTER says:

    i seem to be having a problem where every time i try to start the game with this mod installed, it spawns out in the middle of the woods with no truck so is there something im doing wrong or is the truck only for legacy or what

  5. daniel says:

    Hey, how do I change the stock gray color?

  6. TheYosiFTW says:

    Hi, I have a problem, I see glasses and lights in black, how can I fix that?

  7. UZI4U says:

    What do I do if clearing the cache doesn’t work. I have the mod updater and mod enabler but still doesn’t work.

  8. Hunter says:

    The whole world goes black for me how do I fix this issue (on a map that comes with the game)

    • Paul says:

      Assuming that someone hasn’t helped you I find that if I enter the game first with no mods loaded, let the Spintires main menu load up, hit the start menu key to get back to desktop, load mods with the JSGME mod eneabler, and then jump back into the game you should be good to go. It’s some weird thing that has gone on and I don’t know why or if it’s been fixed.

  9. Zander says:

    Can Yall make a Dodge?
    Its a nice truck but would like to try a dodge

  10. Julian strunack says:

    Best mod but wouldcrash the game

  11. Luke says:

    It Said As The RAR It Said No Read Or No Permission

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