Ford Raptor IFS

Author: SID
Source: Oovee

This is just a normal Raptor. Almost. It’s a bit different as it has a new lightbar and most important a fancy IFS which stands for Independent Front Suspension. It allows the truck more flex in the front giving you a normal truck with just a bit more grip then usuall.

If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

SID Ford Raptor IFS V1.0
SID Ford Raptor IFS V1.0
SID Ford Raptor IFS v1.0.7z
9.6 MiB


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6 Responses to Ford Raptor IFS

  1. Captain007 says:

    Wow this is in my top 5 mods now! its awesome , thanks for uploading =D

  2. timo says:

    It is always nice when vehicles power is measured in seconds.. usually in 0-100km/h(0-60mph) or 0-1/4mile. In this case it’s measured in seconds also.. from 0 to mayhem. It can be hundreds of seconds. I mean this is the ultimate expedition vehicle. You can uncloak a map with this.. in a perfect world. But most likely you uncloak one or two points and then this beast will get you. This will get you. Question is when.. And again. Thank You SID!!

  3. Corvet350z says:

    i downloaded the mod, instaled it correctly and the car appears in the game, but i have a single problem that is annoying. The windows of every car in the game is matt, you cannot see trough them,even the headlights. What should i do?

  4. fordrules says:

    nice truck very good in the mud

  5. Fox says:

    New to this game and I have never done any mods can I get some help?

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