F350 Mud Truck

Author: SoD
Source: Oovee

Feel like blasting through the mud in a truck that looks like it eats mud for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then try this F350 by SoD. It wil tear down the road without problem. SoD has even inserted the new driver character to make it look even more badass.

F350 Mud Truck
F350 Mud Truck
F350 Mud Truck.7z
36.1 MiB
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4 Responses to F350 Mud Truck

  1. AK1116 says:

    I’m having troubles installing this, does it go in like any other mod? Or do I need to change one of the Classes > Trucks to UAZ rather than F350MUDTRUCK

  2. Colton says:

    Does this work for legacy build, if so what truck does it overwrite?

  3. steven says:

    not sure whats going on with this one, but i having trouble with adding this to the game all the files are in the right spot but no vehicle in game

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