Dev Tech Demo released

If you have not read it yet on the RoR or Oovee forum yet.. there is a new Dev Tech demo avaible. Made for the community to be able to make mods more easily which is just fantastic because the modders can now really get cracking on creating new monsters to play with :)

Downloadable here or on my own site.

Don't forget to visit the tech demo mod sections of the Oovee forum for modding goodies: Here

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7 Responses to Dev Tech Demo released

  1. Moar Krabs Guy says:

    I try to start it. It will NOT work.

    it loads for ever and then crashes without me even getting to play it.

    Same thing with tech demo. Help!


  2. Moar Krabs Guy says:

    Spintires won't start! Same for both! HELP ME!

    • Hein says:

      Since this is not the official Spin Tires support forum i can only say that they work for me. If you used to run the 2011 tech demo then make sure your system is purged of the old tech demo before trying the new dev demo.

      If you continue to experience problems i can only say that for deep tech support you need to visit the Oovee user forum.

  3. Bolas says:

    THIS WONT WORK! #Wont #Work #

  4. kenny says:

    hi i wanted to use my mods i downloaded but idk how and idk what i need to have inorder to use them plz help


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