Deblur hoodcam/dashcam

Author: PressureLine (thanks!)

I have been asked this before and here it is. The custom media.xml file that takes care of the removing the blur effect when you are using the camera from the inside of the mod. It changes the camera focus setting to the interior or outside of the mod go out of focus. See the screenshots for an example.

Install: just place the media.xml into the Media folder (FOLDER, not the zip called media)

I did not make this media.xml and i deserve no credit for it. That goes to whoever first came up with the idea.


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3 Responses to Deblur hoodcam/dashcam

  1. Braden says:

    Does this still work? I would try it but it only lives here on the net, and their is no download link…

  2. Ormagodon says:

    Would be great to see this working with a download link again, interior view is always blurry for me.

  3. EKEBERGS10 says:

    it would be great with a download link…

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