Ford Ranger 2016

Author: Vengeful Maniac No addons or wheels to be added, only available in 4 colors. Just a Ford Ranger from 2016 with good  balance and off road capabilities. Enjoy! [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/VM_2016_Ford_Ranger.7z’ /]

VM 1970 Ford Tow Truck

Author: Vengeful_Maniac This is a nice looking Ford Tow Truck. Ideal for those maps where you might be in need of a tow truck which can go to those places regular tow trucks get stuck. It looks really good, the texture job on this truck is amazing. It comes with … Continue reading

Ford F250 VM 1970

Author: Vengeful_Maniac Nice pickup truck. Addons for logging and repair. Excellent truck to use in a support role. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/VM_1970_Ford_F250.7z’ /]

VM 1972 Chevy K5 Crawler

Author: Vengeful Maniac Source: Steam A excellent K5 crawler. Big tires and lots of suspension, but not too much, gives you a smooth ride over rough terrain. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/VM 1972 Chevy K5 Crawler.7z’ /]

72 K5 Blazer

Author: Vengeful_Maniac Source: Steam Very good-looking detailed K5 Blazer. Addons add character to the truck and it is a very good handling off-road truck. Very capable crawler as well. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’VM-72-K5-Blazer.7z’ /]

VM 1986 Ford 150

Author: Vengeful Maniac Original 3D Model – MAD MAX Wheels/Tires – Vengeful Maniac Everything Else – Vengeful Maniac Sounds – SID Source: Steam Nice little logging truck capable of carrying a nice stack of logs AND do some trailing on the way to the lumberyard. Perfect combination and excellent attention … Continue reading